Investing in professional photography is something that gets often overlooked by many businesses when re-branding. Whether you’re a newly launched company or an established organisation with a rich history it’s important to continue to connect with your customers and one way of doing that is by letting pictures tell your story.

Photography is just as important as a logo or packaging when it comes to branding a product or service. The first point of call for many businesses tends to be the website and if the website has poor visuals it creates a bad first impression and can have a negative impact on the customer. Hiring a photographer to create a set of custom images will help tell a story about who you are, what you’re about and what you want to achieve.

Can you do it yourself?

When hiring a professional photographer you are investing in thousands of hours of skills and experience which will mean the job will get done as quickly and efficiently as possible. Not only saving you valuable time but also less stress. Although camera phones and off the shelf cameras have fantastic technology it is not the same as hiring a professional. Photographers have a natural creative talent and they can bring different vision and inspiration that you might have not thought of when marketing your product. They have all the necessary camera equipment and lighting skills as well and correct software such as lightroom and photoshop to produce the best possible high-quality images for your company.

Is the cost worth it?

Professional images will last a few months and it’s important to think about keeping your images up to date and relatable to different seasons and holidays. The key is to plan well and mixing your pictures up. These can be headshots, product photography, pictures demonstrating client and company relationship, as well as general pictures of your business. Scheduling these pictures for social media post to use throughout the year rather than using them all at once will make the investment more worthwhile.

Social media is a great way to interact with the customer. Photographs are a great way of catching the customers attention and make your product or service stand out. It has been proven that images or videos are twice more likely to get engagement rather than text-based posts. Pictures can be used over multiple platforms for marketing. Brochures, website, leaflets, social media, banners, office decor and packaging just to name a few. You want to hire a professional that fits your brand and understands your business. There are thousands of photographers out there but you will need to research and select a photographer that is right for you.

Why use a professional over stock pictures?

Using your own images rather than stock images will create a better first impression, better customer trust and better brand consistency. If a customer is going to be investing in your product and service they are going to want to see the real people behind the brand and portray your company in the best light. Using bespoke pictures is a perfect way to connect with your customer.

To find out how  buiness branding photography can help you and your company please contact me and i can discuss a plan to suit you and your business.


Jo x

Some recent examples of Business i have worked with.

Passion Shines Through

” Jo is an outstanding photographer, whose passion shines through her work. She made us feel comfortable around her and felt like part of the bridal party on the day. She listened to what we wanted and captured the moment perfectly. We are so pleased with our photos, she exceeded are expectations.”

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