2020, no one could have predicted it!

On paper 2020 was meant to be my busiest business year to date. Due to the pandemic, the majority of my wedding bookings got postponed. I have spent hours on the phone to clients, answering emails, putting plans and procedures in place, and working with wedding industry suppliers to reassure my clients they will still have there wedding whatever they decide.
I have had to come up with new business ideas to see me through the last year. 2020 has given me the time and reflection I needed. Time to think about my business future but also time to learn new skills, refocus and challenge myself.

A none essential business?

This is one thing that really got me down during the first lockdown as my business was deemed as a none essential business. My confidence was knocked and I felt frustrated. It wasn’t until the summer that i realised how important my business actually was. Capturing families, micro weddings and creating moments so that these pictures could be shared with extended family and friends to keep everyone connected until they could see each other again.

Doorstep pictures became popular, as well as capturing families and pets. It soon came apparent that photography and sending loved ones photographs were a great way of connecting emotionally but also a great way of increasing people’s moods and bring people together.

Mirco Weddings

I was lucky enough to be able to do some weddings this year. One back in February before any restrictions.
Then the others were restricted to 30 guests and then later in the year 15 guests. With the restrictions, it meant that weddings had to be done differently. No confetti, no singing in church, guests had to wear facemasks indoors, and no evening reception. I have to say all my weddings were amazing. The Micro weddings with just a handful of their closest family and friends were very relaxed and magical. It wasn’t what the couples had originally planned, changes had to be made but it didn’t make it any less beautiful. Love will last forever and no amount of social distancing will prevent this.

Growing my business

At the beginning of the year, I was very excited to announce My partnership with Hillsgreen. Providing their rural clients with business branding photography. I have had the opportunity to work with some great companies this year. Personal trainers, golf courses, agricultural business, holiday cottages, and veterinary services are just to name a few. I was able to provide them with bespoke images for a fresh new look for their websites, marketing and social media.
Another area of my business that I was able to grow further is my family & Pet photography. In a year where we were encouraged to be outside, it gave me the opportunity to remind my clients that outdoor family photography is so much fun! Walk-in local parks, treasure hunts, bike rides, playing in maize fields even people’s front doors became my backdrops.
In November for a bit of fun, I converted my horse trailer into a Christmas pet photo booth. In total I photographed 23 dogs over two mornings from cockerpoos to Labradors we had great fun and even managing to raise some money for East Cheshire Hospice.

I am proud what I have been able to achieved in this difficult year.  At times I have been slightly overwhelmed by the support from my clients. I’m a great believer that everything happens for a reason. So let’s take the positives from 2020 , appreciate the little things and lets never take the hugs and handshakes for granted. 

So here’s to 2021…..
When corona is a beer again, when tiers sit on a wedding cake and when bubbles only exist in champagne.


Jo x


(All photographs taken were in compliance to government guidelines)

Really appreciate all you have done

” Thank you so much for being our Amazing wedding photographer. We are both so grateful for your help, flexibility and understanding during the lead up to our wedding and on our special day. You are incredible and we really appreciate all you have done.”- John & Miriam -2020

“Thank you so much, the Photos are absolutely stunning. You have been absolutely wonderful throughout. Thank you especially for putting up with all the changes we had to make because of the virus. I’m so glad we had you as our photographer as you made everyone feel so relaxed and it really shows in the photos! Just what we wanted.” -Mana & Adam -2020


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